Since Matter is a super new protocol, we do expect there might be some unexpected bugs. Thus, to better support your experience with Matter, below are some suggestions for you to troubleshoot: 

  • For the compatible device without the Matter logo on the packaging, you have to download the Matter certificate and the Matter setup code through WiZ app v2. Please note, the setup code is unique to each device. 
  • Your WiZ device MUST be in the same network with your Matter hub and the corresponding app, otherwise, the setup would fail. 
  • Please make sure your device is with the most up-to-date firmware version. WiZ supports Matter from 1.29.0
     Device settings page
  • Please make sure your smartphone system is with the compatible OS version
  • Please make sure your hub is Matter supported and with the compatible version 
  • If you power cycle the device, then it might take some time to connect back to the Matter hub
    • For better experience, we would suggest you to soft-off the device instead of having the hard power cut