Each WiZ light has its own Wi-Fi chip for smarter automation and is directly, constantly and reliably connected to the cloud for up-to-date preferences and settings. 

The WiZ Pro products are available for WiZ Pro OEM program.
WiZ_Pro_PAR16_GU10_RGBTW_4.9W_230V - Datasheet
WIZ_Pro_PAR16_GU10_TW_4.9W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A60_B22_RGBTW_8W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A60_B22_TW_8W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A60_E27_RGBTW_8W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A60_E27_TW_8W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A67_E27_RGBTW_13W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_A67_E27_TW_13W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_C37_E14_RGBTW_4.9W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_C37_E14_TW_4.9W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_G95_E27_RGBTW_11W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_G95_E27_TW_11W_230V - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_LED_Strip_RGBTW_1M_Ext-1 - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_LED_Strip_RGBTW_2M_Kit-C - Datasheet
WiZ_Pro_LED_Strip_RGBTW_2M_Kit-G - Datasheet
Note: The above products are suitable for IEC standard region such as Europe, China, Asia Pacific etc. For details approbation, please check the Datasheets.