You can configure what happens when motion is no longer detected by the sensor, and after how long.


This delay defines how long you have to wait after the sensor stops detecting motion for the light to change to its "no motion" state. Set it short for a rather aggressive power saving, set it longer if you need the light to stay off for a while after you have finished moving.



This lets you turn off the light when motion is not detected anymore. It is the action by default.

Brightness change

If the light was off, this will turn it on and apply the specified brightness level.
If the light was already on, then this will adjust the brightness to the specified level when motion is detected.
Note that some modes such as Night Light or Wake-up do not support brightness adjustment.

Light modes, colors and custom whites

You can also select the light mode, custom color or custom white of your choice, and apply a level of brightness if you want.
Note that tunable and dimmable white lights may not support color modes.