To enable the WiZ widget on iOS, swipe right over the Home screen or Lock screen of the iPhone or iPad, and scroll to bottom to tap on [ Edit], add WiZ widget from the list of available widgets.

Once the WiZ widget is enabled, any room with paired lights will be listed with the same order as in the WiZ app. The first 5 rooms in the home will be listed in the widget, and simply tap on the room icon on the widget to turn on and off all the lights in that room.

To add the WiZ widget onto Android's home screen, long press on the empty spaces of the home screen and the Android system’s widget selection page will appear. The Android widgets can be configured into the various sizes:

Select, drag and drop the selected widget onto the Android’s home screen, then a widget settings page will appeared to configure the control of each button in the widget, you can assign each button to control the lights in the room or the entire home.

Tap on the room or home icon(s) on the widget to turn on and off all the lights in that room or home.

PS: The widget feature is only available for Owners and not available for the Guest users.
PS: Deleting the home also delete the widget associated with it.