Wi-Fi switches will soon be available in WiZ.

Wi-Fi switches let you add traditional lights into your WiZ system, so that you can control all the lights of your home at once.
There are 3 kinds of switches:
  • Traditional ON/OFF: a single switch without dimmability
  • 3-way ON/OFF: two switches controlling the same thing with ON/OFF capability
  • Dimmer switch: a switch controlling both ON/OFF and brightness, via phase dimming (trailing/leading edge)

1. ON/OFF switches

Because they cannot dim and do not have light modes, those switches will not reply to commands containing a brightness level or a light mode.

Example 1. If you ask to apply "Ocean" to the whole room, the lights that can play the light mode Ocean will apply it. The switches will not react (if they were Off, they will remain in that state).

Example 2. If you adjust the brightness of the room to 20%, ON/OFF switches will ignore the command and their current state will not change.

Switches will ignore Scheduled Events containing modes or brightness values. But you can automate their behavior with scheduled events "On" and "Off".

2. Dimmer switches

Since they can handle brightness adjustment, those swiches are compatible with more features:
  • ON/OFF
  • Dimming
They will also reply to all commands containing a White light mode, or a white temperature.

In order to avoid all risk on flickering, you can adjust the minimum brightness of dimmer switches in their settings