On the main screen of the app, tap on the + in the top right corner and select "Add device", then tap on the "Retroconnector" tile.

To make pairing easier, please enable Bluetooth on your phone. Pairing may still complete without Bluetooth, but it may be more difficult.

Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network you want to use to pair your retroconnector.

Then follow the on-screen prompts:
- Power off the retroconnector
- Power back on
- Tap on "Start" to initiate the pairing session

If you cannot access the power supply of the retroconnector (for example if it is connected directly to the main power without a switch), you can alternatively press the button on the retroconnector for 3s to 7s, and the retroconnector will enter pairing mode.

The status LED will always blink to indicate that the retroconnector has entered pairing mode.

A third way to force the retroconnector is to use repeatedly power it off and on (leaving around 1s for each step).
- If it has never been paired, it will enter pairing mode after ON x3
- If it is already paired, it will enter pairing mode after ON x5

Pressing the button for more than 10s will reset the retroconnector entirely.