WiZ cares a lot about your privacy, and will not ask you for any sign in to get started with your lights. We will create an anonymous account for you on our Cloud.

We do however strongly recommend all of our users to sign with Google, Facebook or iCloud. Rest assured, WiZ does not view, retrieve or store any kind of personal data from the accounts you link it with.

Here is why we think you should sign in:
  • Since the account we create for you is entirely anonymous, it is only linked to your phone and the current installation of the WiZ app. If you delete the WiZ app without having signed in, all of your settings will be gone. If you change your phone and reinstall the app, you also cannot recover your settings.
  • Signing in saves all the settings of your home, rooms and lights onto the cloud by linking them with your iCloud, Google or Facebook. Once you have signed in, you can:
    • Sign in with the same account on more devices (like your tablet) and automatically synchronize all your WiZ settings, so you can use your lights with all the screens of your home
    • Retrieve all your settings on your new phone by just signing back in
    • Invite other people to join your WiZ home. Sign in is required to be able to invite, since we need to make sure that the owner of the home can always recover it.
Open the side bar menu and scroll down to Account, only Google, Yandex and/or Facebook are available on the Android app.

Go to Settings and tap on Sign In under Account, and you have an option to sign in with Apple, Google, Yandex and/or Facebook.

Log out and log in the WiZ app: