1. Make sure that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network ( 2.4GHz).
2. On the main screen of the application, select the room in which you want to add your Wi-Fi switch.
- If the room has no device yet, there will be a Start button to start the pairing.
- If there are already devices in the room, press the + button in the top right corner.
3. Select Wi-Fi switch in the list of devices
4. If necessary, provide your Wi-Fi password. Then start the pairing process in the application.
5. Put your Wi-Fi switch in pairing mode by plugging it in (the LED will start to blink)
6. Wait for the Wi-Fi switch to appear in your application.

7. In case your switch does not show up after some time, hit the " Try manual setup" button, and follow the steps on the screen:
- Long press on the switch for 5 seconds or more, until the blinking pattern changes.
- Tap on start, in the app.
- Go in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone, and look for a WiZConfig-XXXX network.
- Connect to it, then go back to the WiZ app to complete the pairing of your switch.

8. Once the Wi-Fi switch has appeared in the app, complete the setup by picking an icon for it